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Jelacic Funeral Home offers many different types of services as a way to meet the many needs of our community.  If you desire, we are available to make any or all arrangements in the comfort of your home, which many families prefer.

Funeral with a viewing, followed by a service.  Entombment, burial, or cremation takes place after the service at a church, a cemetery chapel or the funeral home. A traditional funeral service is something that has been done for generations by funeral homes for the families they serve. The deceased would be viewed by relatives and friends for an afternoon, early evening, or morning at the funeral home or church, followed by services. Following services, a procession would be made to the cemetery for burial or entombment. As with Option 3 of our cremation offerings, this provides an opportunity for all to say good-bye. It is the most ideal way, in our opinion, to aid families in resolving their grief by viewing the deceased, and  face the reality of death. It truly provides final closure.

A traditional funeral includes the full use of the services and expertise of the funeral director and staff, embalming and other preparation of the deceased, use of our facility for viewing and funeral services or other facility such as a church or cemetery chapel, committal service, and needed transportations. This does not include the casket, burial vault (needed only for earth burials), memorial cards, death certificates, death notices, clergy honorarium, musician or cantor honorarium, flowers, funeral lunch, cemetery charges, cemetery charges for the grave or crypt and its opening charges, and a grave marker.

Package Price: $3795.00

The choice to cremate has risen to nearly 50% in Southeastern Wisconsin. Cremation as a final means of disposition has been used for not just decades but for hundreds and hundreds of years. At Jelacic Funeral Home we offer three different options for those families we serve. We promise to be respectful to your wishes, treat your loved one with compassionate care, and provide services that are more affordable than other funeral establishments. These prices are from our General Price List dated July 29, 2012 and are subject to change without notice.*


OPTION 1 -    $1,395.00

This option meets the needs of a family that prefers cremation for their loved one, but prefers not to have any services or our help in the conduct of services. This includes our basic services which is meeting with the next of kin at your residence or the funeral home to obtain information and authorizations for permits, the death certificate, and other records. Also being included is the transfer of the deceased to the funeral home, the sheltering of the deceased for 48 hours prior to cremation (State of Wisconsin regulation), disinfection of the deceased (State of Wisconsin regulation), alternative container used to convey the deceased to the crematory as required by the crematory, and transfer of the deceased to the crematory. This does not include the crematory fee (normally $255.), the medical examiner cremation permit fee ($350. if death is in Milwaukee County), death certificates ($20. for the first, $3. for each thereafter), death notice, additional transportation fee if transfer is over 25 miles ($2/mile thereafter), or additional transfer fee if death is at a residence ($100.). The cremains are returned to the next of kin in a plastic temporary container. We offer many urns if you wish a more permanent receptacle.


OPTION 2 -     $2,345.00

This option includes all items in Option 1 with the addition of full usage of our staff and our expertise in conducting the Memorial Visitation and Memorial Service at either the funeral home, church or cemetery chapel. We will aid you in personalizing the services. Our photo boards, tripods to hold the boards, tables for photos and memorabilia, register, and a secure receptacle for your guests memorial cards will be provided for use at the visitation and services. This would be for 3 hours. Use of a rental urn for the temporary container provided by the crematory will be provided if desired. Not included items would be the same as in Option 1, as well as flowers; honorariums for clergy, musicians, or cantors; memorial cards; or the funeral luncheon.


OPTION 3 -     $4,595.00

This selection differs from the other options. Your loved one is prepared for public viewing and visitation by being embalmed, dressed, casketed, restored, and cosmetized. This provides an opportunity for all to say good-bye, and in our opinion is the most ideal aid to families and friends in facing the reality of death and providing a lasting positive memory with final closure. This option includes visitation and services at the funeral home, church, or cemetery chapel (can be any combination of these), all transportations, register book, and use of a Solid Oak rental casket. Not included items would be the same as in Option 1. as well as flowers; honorariums for clergy, musicians, or cantors; memorial cards; or the funeral luncheon.

Burial or entombment at a cemetery without any viewing.  Our charge for Direct Burial includes local removal, care of the remains,basic services of staff, authorizations and transfer to local area cemetery.

Price: $1495.00

Cremation without any services.

Services to remember the deceased after a burial or cremation.  This service can be done at a church, cemetery chapel, the funeral home or any other suitable location.   We can also transport the deceased to any cemetery in Wisconsin or any other state or country the family chooses. 

We will place the death notice in the newspapers of choice, assist you in obtaining veterans and social security benefits, complete the death certificate and obtain certified copies of such, help you to complete all forms of insurance policies, contact clergy, musicians, or bagpipers, help with all cemetery forms, florists, fraternal organizations, and be of whatever assistance needed.

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